Question:Did you know that the first slave ship to reach the shores of "America" was named JESUS?

Answer: Yes. Sir John Hawkins had the dubious distinction of becoming the first slave-ship captain to bring Africans to the Americas. Hawkins was a religious gentleman who insisted that his crew "serve God daily" and "love another". His ship, ironically called "the good ship Jesus," left the shores of his native England for Africa in October 1562. He arrived at Sierra Leone, and in a short time he had three hundred blacks in his possession. Hawkins claimed to have acquired them "partly by sword and partly by other means."[1]
Again, Jesus' teachings are those of liberation and not captivity.

For one who would suggest that Christianity be rejected based upon this fact of history and not a careful examination of the bible itself, I would recommend more research and study be done to make an educated determination. Also, see the analogy used in the answer concerning actions OF Christians vs. God's message to Christians.

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