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Blackapologetics Ministry Officially Returns From Hiatus  Thanks to all of you who faithfully continued to visit these pages since we have been missing in action.  I also want to thank those who prayed for more involvement from us. To those of you who are new to these pages, we have not updated the site since right after the Katrina disaster at the end of 2005. 

The members/contributors of this ministry went through various life changes and I personally got married and got a job that requires long hours.  God's will has seen fit for me to return at this time.  The whole site has to be updated from a structural standpoint.  It needs to be a database driven website, which in layman's terms means it needs to be completely rebuilt.  I have begun that work and in the meantime, simplified this front page so that it will appear cleaner.  No emails will be accepted for a while, but stay tuned for new information and a brand new interface for the first quarter of 2007.  God bless you and keep you in this new year.

Which Comes First, My Christianity or My Blackness?
Salutations. Thanks for your patience. We are still around, concentrating on improving areas of the site, as well as preparing new sections to be launched really soon. In the meanwhile Sidney has written an article examining some of the issues that are all too common for Black Christians. ARTICLE...
Many Roads or Just One?
Greetings. Please check out a new article written by one of our newest B.A.M. contributors... Juandalynn of Chicago! Stay tuned for the BHI section to be unveiled soon... There is so much left to be done, but I will have something up to be checked out very soon, I promise. ARTICLE...
[Black Hebrews] Israel grants ''Black Hebrews'' permanent residency
This is old news now, but worth mentioning...
JERUSALEM, July 29 — Israel has granted permanent resident status to the ''Black Hebrews,'' a group claiming descent from the Bible's lost tribes, after a 34-year struggle for recognition, an Interior Ministry spokeswoman said on Tuesday.
Also known as the African Israelites, the sect was founded by 39 U.S.-born blacks in 1969. Its members previously had only temporary resident status in the Jewish state. Entire Article

General Update
Greetings. First thanks to everyone for your continued interest in B.A.M. I promise to be back soon with current and more frequent updates. I got busy executing the details involved in launching a personal business/enterprise. Now it is time to continue God's business...

In the meantime, please check out the article on Dr. Malachi York... He recently plead guilty to child abuse charges. For those that don't know, he is the leader of the Nuwaubian movement.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Appear to Now Be Official "Seekers"
After seeing Whitney and Bobby's interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC upon the release of her album "Whitney", I could tell from her obvious denial, and absence of a drug treatment program that she was not in a good place. I did not think that the spiritual journey she alluded to in the interview would be one that takes her away from her Christian background... READ ON...
B.A.M. Answers Email!
Black Apologetics Ministry answers questions posed through email. We are not answering email at this time due to staffing changes.  Stay tuned for Christian Doctrine to be added to B.A.M. plus a few other articles. EMAIL
Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna! Hare Jesus?
Refuting the theory that Jesus Christ was a "copycat" of one of the gods of antiquity... Examining the language and separating truth from fiction. READ ON...
A Closer Look At The Resurrection
Christians all over the world have just celebrated Easter... This holiday is the celebration of Jesus, the pre-existent God-man, being raised bodily from the grave. Many atheists, skeptics and seekers alike deny the overwhelming evidence (Christian as well as secular evidence) that supports this well-established, historical fact. READ ON...



New contact information coming soon... We are praying and regrouping for 2007!

2007 Black Apologetics Ministry

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*Disclaimer: My linking to an article or site doesn't imply that I agree with everything said in that article or on that site. In most cases it relates or enhances a point made. The search for truth, especially online is a delicate process and each paragraph, passage, etc. needs to be examined carefully and compared to God's Word. *

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